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Seeking a new challenge in 2023?​

As  true specialists in Freight and Logistics recruitment we work with a variety of the best Forwarding and Logistics companies in Europe that have the same standards of excellence in the people they hire, as we do in the people we recruit.


Beyond the skill sets required to do the job, our clients look for track records of success in past jobs, stability, and a strong desire to excel professionally.

Our Goal

To honestly and confidentially help our candidates take the next step in their career. We understand that superior candidates expect access to top tier corporations and employment opportunities. That is why we constantly strive to affiliate ourselves with the industry's top organizations. Once we have an understanding of your experience, career goals, geographic and monetary expectations, we can provide you with confidential exposure to opportunities that match your goals.

Connecting You with Opportunity

We can open doors to opportunities you never knew existed. Have you ever heard about someone getting hired at a prestigious firm, and thought "I didn't even know they had an opening". It is true that the best jobs in your business are often filled without advertisement.  If a company has a hole in its organization, the last thing it wants is for all its competitors to know about it. That is why we play such an integral part in the hiring process, WE OFFER BOTH CLIENT AND CANDIDATE COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY. 

At Freight Recruitment we value the candidates with whom we work and provide a service based on integrity.  Our candidates’ best interests come first – after all, without great candidates, we would not have a great business!

We like to have an honest and transparent relationship with our candidates ensuring that we understand the full extent of their experience and future aspirations, and expect the same level of honesty in return.

If you are a professional working within the logistics, freight forwarding or supply chain sectors and feel the time is right to make your next career move, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Is there a cost ?

No, we are hired by the client company, and anything we can do for a candidate is free of charge.  The only thing we ask in return is that if you are happy with our service, you help us network with other top-notch industry professionals who may appreciate the same confidential "ear to the ground" we hope to provide you. After all ... our candidate of today is our client of tomorrow


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